Berlin – Capital of Spies

May 18, 2019

You did a great job in finding, your way to this place, agent.
Now you’d like to know why you are here? Because YOU belong to the best!

The best in decoding messages and clues as well as in finding hidden places.
As you know, our world is part of a tremendous change.
New players have entered the playground, whereas some of the old have retired.
We need to preserve and share the knowledge. Now! Otherwise we’d be lost.

That’s why we need you in Berlin from May 17-19, 2019 in

Berlin – The Capital of Spies.

We will come together to plan our future activities and to share our knowledge.

See you soon at geocaching giga event entitled “Capital of Spies”!

Shedhalle at “Funkhaus Berlin”

N52 28.777 E013 29.967

Agents unite! Let’s meet at the former broadcasting centre Funkhaus Berlin. This location comes with an event area (Shedhalle), large enough for all the agents to meet and to have tap-proof conversations.

Shedhalle 3
The Funkhaus is a listed building complex in the south-eastern district of Treptow-Köpenick. It once used to be the home of GDR broadcasting. Ideal for us to receive and send secret messages.

This striking building complex, steeped in history, has preserved its charm over the decades.

The large Shedhalle with its saw-tooth roof will be the central hub of our secret mission. It’s located very close to the site of East Germany’s major amusement park Kulturpark Plänterwald.

You can find out more about the location on the website of the
Funkhaus Berlin at the Homepage of Funkhaus Berlin.

Shedhalle 4
Shedhalle 2Shedhalle 1

image source: Funkhaus Berlin

Fort Hahneberg

N52 31.332 E013 08.355

For our pre-event we invite you to Fort Hahneberg. It’s mostly tap-proof and ideal to prepare for our secret meeting on Saturday.

Fort Hahneberg 3

Fort Hahneberg is located on the edge of Berlin at the city’s border and well hidden in the deep nature. Although it once offered space for entire regiments and mounted army troops, these days it is concealed and barely visible from even nearby. By the time construction had been completed 1888, the progress in weapon development reached a point that it made it obsolete from a military perspective. Hence, the premises were used for educational and medical purposes during the war. With a new border being drawn nearby once Germany got separated, the site became part of a restricted area that no longer was accessible by anyone. Nature recaptured the ruinous fortifications, marred by explosions and demolitions. Rarely did soldiers of the GDR border regiment of the GDR enter the premises. Those who did, usually scribbled their name and time of service onto the bricks of the barrack gate to immortalise themselves.

After the fall of the Berlin wall, restauration work on the buildings was started by an association especially founded for that purpose. Little by little progress is being made – but still, there is no end in sight. Today, the site also serves as a movie set: Arguably the most famous director who filmed here must be Quentin Tarantino, shooting parts of the movie „Inglourious Basterds” on site.

On Friday, May 17, 2019, we welcome you to this important Berlin monument in the Hahneberg nature reserve.

You can find out more on the website of the ASG Fort Hahneberg e.V..

Fort Hahneberg 2Fort Hahneberg 4Fort Hahneberg 1

image source: ASG Fort Hahneberg e. V.

Yes, we’re planning to hold workshops. If you would like to offer a workshop yourself, please contact
Two workshops have already been confirmed and scheduled: Lock Picking & Wherigo

There is a separate floor for children (and their parents) in the Shedhalle, offering plenty of fun and games. Expect colourful entertainment with the popular clown & magic show by Hops & Hopsi.

Yes, you will find the pricing in our shop:

We plan to arrange our event disabled-accessible as much as possible.

There is a specific ticket in our shop system for those who may need assistance. This will allow us to get in touch with you beforehand to arrange things as necessary.

We appreciate your support. If you would like to assist us during the “Berlin – Capital of the Spies” event, we would ask you to spend at least three hours of your time. Please send us an email, stating which day you would be available and how you prefer to help. Contact us if you are very talented in craftsmanship, an organizational talent, good in different languages, perfect in managing crisis or good with children. Every qualification is in demand and wanted.

Contact us via

As in every major city in the world, the traffic situation in Berlin can be overwhelming and the parking situation modest, to say the least.

If you are motorised you should pay particular attention to cyclists and pedestrians when on the road.

If you arrive by car, we highly recommend finding a parking lot and park your motor for the entire weekend. Berlin has a very well developed public transport network. There is a 24-hour service, and many lines even run at intervals of 20 minutes during the night.

Please note that around Funkhaus the parking situation is very limited.Please avoid the parking lots indicated in the listing.

Berlin has a very well developed network of public transport.

Basically, Berlin is divided into three tariff zones. These are A, B and C. The standard tickets are valid for zone A and B, which covers all of Berlin within its city limits. You’d only need an ABC ticket if you’re travelling outside Berlin to places like Potsdam or Schönefeld airport.

Zone A: Berlin city centre inside the Ringbahn (circle line)

Zone B: outside of the Ringbahn to the city limits

Zone C: Berlin outskirts, including the city of Potsdam and Schönefeld (SXF) airport

A map indicating all zones and lines, as well as a travel planner can be found on the BVG website at

Tickets are usually available at the stations or at the points of sale. At smaller stops you will rarely find vending machines. On trams you’ll find vending machines inside. On buses you can pay the driver. Or use the BVG app. This is much more convenient and you can even pay for your ticket with PayPal.

Caution: When you travel on S- and U-Bahn tickets must be validated (stamped) on the platform before you board the train. There are no validation machines inside the trains and the fine would be €60.

public transport fares

Some sample ticket-prices as of February 2019:

Single ticket Berlin AB: €2.80
Single day ticket Berlin AB: €7.00
Single 7-day ticket Berlin AB: €30.00
Small group day ticket Berlin AB: €19.90 (for up to 5 people travelling together)

Day tickets are good for travel until 3am the following morning.

Special tourist tickets:

These include discounts on a number of attractions and museums, and are a waste of money if you only use them for travel. Do the maths to find out if this is for you.

Berlin Welcome Card 48 hours Berlin AB: €20.00
Berlin Welcome Card 72 hours Berlin AB: €29.00
Berlin CityTour Card 48 hours Berlin AB: €16.90
Berlin CityTour Card 72 hours Berlin AB: €24.50

Small „insider tip“ from Berlin: The Öffi app by Andreas Schildbach (PlayStore) is handy to plan your journey. It’s very reliable, clear and accurate.

Yes, bring your booking confirmation (printed out) to allow correct assignment.

Especially for guided tours in the German espionage museum, only the printed booking confirmation serves as an entrance ticket. You’ll need to present it at the entrance.